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By Chip Valutis, PhD
Helping You Achieve Predictable Growth Through Talent-Driven Strategies
Chip Valutis, PhD


Hi, I'm Dr. Chip Valutis.

Dr. Chip Valutis is a pioneering psychologist in executive coaching and organizational development. With over three decades of experience, Chip’s insights have transformed both Fortune 500 giants and smaller enterprises alike. 

Grounded in academia yet fueled by innovation, Chip thrives in the sweet spot between science and art. His approach to problem-solving is a harmonious blend of psychological theory and practical wisdom, resulting in tangible, real-work solutions. As a social scientist specializing in organizational systems, Dr. Valutis’ expertise lies in unraveling the complexities of dynamic corporate environments. 

Chip resides in Texas with his wife, whom he has known since the age of 16. Their three grown children are spread across New York, Tennessee, and Texas.  

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